A Child’s Success in School

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Success in school is the basic concern of parents when a child starts school, and it is also the basic ambition of its teachers. During our examination of mental disorders in school children, we also collected data on their success in school. Most of the students achieved good results. Girls are better students than boys. Their mean score is 3.6; in boys 3.3. Among male children, in the first place in terms of frequency are students with good results, then with sufficient, then with very good, and only in the fourth place come excellent students. Among female children, female students with good results are also in the first place, but in the second place there are already those with excellent results; then with very good, then with sufficient results. Students of both sexes with insufficient success are in the last place in terms of frequency.

Among the boys in the first grade, excellent students predominate. There are fewer and fewer of them in the further course of schooling, so that the curve of their frequency already in the fourth grade intersects with the curve of a very good grade; so far there have been fewer good ones than great ones, and from now on there are more. In the fifth grade, the number of both decreases sharply, and the curve for a passing grade increases steeply. At the same time, the curve for the failure grade culminates.