When Exactly Does a Life Begin

The child’s life begins from its conception date not from its birth. It is customary to say that the child’s age is being counted from the day of its birth, but this is wrong.

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Puberty does not occur all at once. It gradually appears at the end of physiological childhood. This period of a child's development is called prepubertal.

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Child Learning

The child begins learning immediately after birth. In order for a child to learn a new activity or learn something new, certain conditions must be met.

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Child Emotions

Emotions are subjective reactions of human consciousness to objective reality, they are a hallmark of the human psyche.

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Intelligence in Children

Intelligent behavior is adaptability to change when one reaches a conclusion in a situation of emergence. Тhe same principle goes for children's.

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Left-handed Child

Left-handedness is seen as something unusual. Left-handed children are starting to face difficulties in the family due to different spatial orientation - lateralization. Even more, difficulties await them at school.

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Baby Motor Skills Development

As the basics of body musculature evolves, so does the baby's motor development. With the development itself, they become more diverse and they go from gross to fine.

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Baby Sensory Development

All sensory organs: skin, eyes ears, nose, and tongue, in the baby develop and are ready for function before birth, as a fetus while still in the mother’s womb.

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Child’s Basic Physiological Needs

The child at the beginning of life, instinctively - unconsciously performs physiological needs by emptying the colon and the bladder. As it grows, it gradually becomes aware of this bodily function.

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Children and Sleep

A qualitative child sleep influences on its psyche. Parent's approach towards the child before bedtime is of great importance.

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Child Nutrition

Healthy emotional development begins with the child's nutrition and is of great importance for the child's physical, as well as later social development.

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Baby Birth Injuries

Baby birth injuries are a consequence of many possible causes. Birth traumas may result in the baby's permanent damage and the injuries may even be fatal.

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How Conception Occurs

Conception occurs after sexual intercourse between male and female during ovulation (the female fertile period) when the egg (the female sex unit) and the spermatozoa (the male sex unit) are joined and fused.

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