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Parenting Walktrough is dedicated to parents – the first, the natural, and the most important educators.

When a child is born, parents face a difficult task. Parents should shape a creature brought to this world, which has not yet been formed as a person and is susceptible to environmental influences, both useful and harmful.

Parents are the ones who should give him/her as much as possible positive experiences for people, for the life, about their own position in the community, to protect them from disappointment and psychological injuries as much as possible.

The proper upbringing of a child is not at all a simple matter, it is a responsible and long-lasting process.

The most of the parents are overtaken when the child is born, without the necessary knowledge of the way of upbringing.

It is said that the proper upbringing of the child requires parental love. That’s true, but, love is not enough, because it can be misplaced and distorted, even unhealthy. Without love towards the child there will be not successful education, but along with the love the knowledge is necessary.

Most often, the only parenting school that parents know is their parent’s parenting. Because they often made mistakes as educators, they couldn’t be better themselves if they are not familiar and don’t meet the correct principles of upbringing the child.

The purpose of Parenting Walktrough is to make parents educated, to provide them with proper pre-knowledge about successful parenting.

Firstly, the parents must be acquainted with the principals of psychic development of the child and the factors that affect it.

If parents do not understand the children, they won’t be able to offer them a proper upbringing. But it is also necessary, the parents themselves to know the role of educator, to self- adjust and improve their procedures.

Shaping children in a healthy person the parents will reach three benefits:

  • the child will grow into a happy person
  • the community will get a new and useful member
  • the satisfaction for the parents themselves for achieving the first two goals

Also, the Parenting Walktrough is of particular help to the professional educators, especially the teachers, educators in the kindergartens, homes for child care, and other institutions where the children are staying.

The modern schooling is not only an educational but also an institution for raising children. Educators in everyday work with children have an even more difficult task than parents.

Teachers and other professional educators should not only educate their students and proteges but also to re-educate them. On a daily basis, they encounter children who are developing mentally wrong and that are recognized through examples of deviant behavior.

The correct upbringing of the child, creation of the healthy emotional atmosphere in the family and in the school environment in which the child resides, then, the early detecting and removing of the disorder in the psychological development of the child are the main tasks of the psycho-hygiene, a direction in the psychology that deals with the protection and improvement of the mental health of the man.

Therefore, Parenting Walktrough is useful for all those who are interested to have generations with healthy psychic development and the shaping of constructive members of the society.

Have successful parenting,
Parenting Walkthrough