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Importance and Role Of Sex Education In Schools

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Family is the first and most important factor in the sexual education of children and youth. The second in order and importance is the school.

The Success of Sex Education

The modern school is tasked with “educating a person with a rich inner life, healthy mental and moral qualities”. In accomplishing this task, human sexuality cannot be ignored.

By training a man for a valuable, emotionally rich and humane sexual life, his entire personality is enriched. And the relationship of the sexes puts human morality to the strictest test.

Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships

One of the most important communities that a person enters in the course of life is the sexual community. Of course, preparing a young man for life is truncated if it does not include preparation for a successful sex life.

A man who knows how to build a happy sexual community and make his sexual partner happy will surely be able to treat other people constructively.

Contextually-Relevant Sexuality Education

Children and young people should be systematically taught about sexuality, giving them a realistic insight into all its elements. It is the duty of the school to help students accept such an attitude towards life and all its manifestations, which will be based on scientific facts.

In the first years of schooling, in the lower grades of primary school, the teaching of sexual facts should be incorporated into other teaching.

In the years before puberty and at its beginning, children need to get closer to the emotional side of sexuality. In the upper grades of primary school, we should continue to present the physiology of sexuality as part of learning about nature.

It gives the opportunity to teach the mother tongue, ie literature, because valuable literary works regularly deal with various problems in the relationship between the sexes.

In the last two grades of primary school, it would be necessary for teaching students about sexual life to grow into a special subject. Sex education could also be an integral part of the hitherto neglected health education of students.

In this way, young people on the threshold of puberty would gain a unique and comprehensive insight into the issue of sexuality.

The knowledge about sexual life that students received in primary school should be supplemented and expanded in secondary school.

There are subjects that touch on sexual issues: biology, literature, history, psychology, sociology. In interpreting these subjects, the teacher should not miss sexuality, but should use every topic that gives him the opportunity to teach young people about a sexual issue.

Sex Education in Schools Should Be Modernized

Sex education in school can be taught in a number of ways, including by teachers who are qualified to do so, or by experts hired by the school. It is useful to combine teaching in individual or group conversations with students of both sexes.

In such contacts, students can be given various tips that will help them solve personal problems in the sexual area. Individual interviews and group discussions with young people can only be conducted by teachers or expert experts.

Teachers must be careful how they behave in front of students as bearers of a certain gender. Children largely identify with their teachers and take their views on sexuality, attitudes towards the opposite sex and emotional reactions to sexual events.

We must not forget that in sex education, as in any other education, the example of an educator is very important.

Co-education, or joint education of girls and boys, is an opportunity for students to develop a proper attitude towards peers of the opposite sex, in terms of mutual equality, respect and cooperation.

By properly using the joint schooling, stiffness, shyness, curiosity and aggression are removed from the youth, which all make it difficult to create natural contact between the sexes.